Natural Funeral Flowers

All grown on our farm

We provide wonderful, natural funeral flowers.  Flowers all grown on our farm with no chemicals or air miles.  They have a wonderful scent and we use herbs as well as flowers and foliage in our tributes. Many customers take great comfort in having traditional garden flowers included especially if they were their loved one's favourites.

We can ensure that none of these flowers have wires, plastic or floral foam included in them so they can be used in natural burial grounds, leave no unsightly trimmings behind and do no harm to the environment.  Contact Justine to discuss whether you require a funeral wreath, casket spray, sheaf or garland to decorate the coffin.  We can supply flowers for the venue and family members as well.  If you wish us to use flowers from your loved one's garden that too can be arranged.

Flowers for all occasions....




We can provide you with beautiful, hand-tied, bespoke bouquets of farm grown British flowers for every occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, parties, events, shows, in memoriam.  

Show the people you love how much you care by taking the time to buy real, British, seasonal, scented flowers.    Bouquet subscriptions available.  Just contact us to discuss your requirements.  Local delivery only.